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Feb 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
and the eagles. the gang was looking impressive. jackson on the break. it is rejected. .he bears' lead morgan takes control. the past to duncan. he throws it down. duncan, another block. another chance. it is off target. the passing does not get much better than this. duncan, the acrobatic fission -- finish. morgan goes on to the victory. a tough game for the retrievers. joey launches three. vermont showing their outside game. two of his 18 points. vermont wins, 67-55. usually this time of year, duke or north carolina is leading the acc. this season, no team has been better than the university of miami. they are -0-0 -- 10-0. they were both checking out the game. miami took control early on. sean larkin drains 3. 22-9. larkin biggest with 18. the second half was showtime for miami. miami went 87-61. each of the last quarter winds have been by at least 22 points. they have been dominating. the game between michigan and wisconsin, this one a thriller. under 10 seconds to play, michigan takes the lead with 2.5 seconds to go. wisconsin was not done yet. a pass from halfcourt. they are tied again
Feb 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
to right center. conner jackson scores. the orioles win 5-1. cal ripken likes what he sees so far from the 2013 orioles. >> i would say that they are competitive in the american league and i don't think they are going away. it might have been a surprise to many people and to many of the orioles. that is why you play. you don't pick a champion by looking at a piece of paper. they played well and they would this close to knocking off the season in game 5. >> that is cal ripken friday night downtown. the maryland schedule has been released that includes a home game against syracuse. also a showdown with west virginia at m&t bank stadium on saturday, october 12. remember last year's game with west virginia. a couple of touchdown catches. spring practice down at college park it's under way saturday. c.j. brown is now a eight redshirt senior and is expected to be the starter. he says the turbos have some firepower. -- terps have some firepower. >> it looks pretty good on paper. it will be exciting to see when we are all out there, that things we can do. we will be waiting to see how the offe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2